BLOG #1: Intro to WebDev


Hello, I’m a Philosophy & Polysci student!

..who’s kind of not in a good financial situation. Well, I am and I’m not. This quarter I don’t have enough money to go to school. I don’t have the dosh due to me dropping a class in spring which lead to insufficient credits. All this then led to having my financial aid withheld. Now that I’m basically moneyless and out of school, my goal is to get a job, I went to a job fair last week only to discover that most of the jobs offered were federally funded workstudies. Ergo, I couldn’t apply without having my financial aid in. This was annoying to hear on top of the fact that I replaced breakfast with a couple cups of coffee and twobananas. Although, this experience was fruitful in that I started the path of financial aid reinstatement, it means thatgetting a job got detoured.

After this flub, I’ve been working on my resume and have perused Indeed for jobs.I started reminiscing about my past in infoTech. I went to a trade school for a couple years for IT and from it had a summer internship. However, I really really didn’t like the field or at least I didn’t like working in it.Part of this was that the trade school I went to ill-equipped me to deal with a real job. My second year at the school was also wasted due to senoritas. I do know a lot about computers, but my knowledge is sort of like a net in that I do have a lot of connections to different concepts but many holes too.This reminiscing then led me back to the times I’ve tried my hand at building websites.

So, natural progression took affect, free will isn’t real, ya’know philosophical determinism yada yada yada… I looked up some lectures and made a new account on FreeCodeCamp. From here I watched videos on HTML and killed FCC’s HTML course in half an hour. I then went on to study CSS. I have yet to start FreeCodeCamp’s CSS course, but it’s coming up.

What’s very nice is that web design genuinely seems to heavily capture my interest. It’s nice that a career skill makes me feel this way.I feel good. Good that I can spend time researching and creating at my own pace.I have made significant progress these past few days.I would love to continue to do so. I don’t necessarily mean keep my pace, but to simply keep going. I lost a lot of hope in IT, but I feel webDevis something else.webDev can also lead me into other avenues of computers like IT or security. If it does that would be great. However, it could even get me enough capital to dive deep into higher educationor even back into the idea of getting a Comp-Sci degree.Not only is webDev a good skill for it has better economic benefits than working retail or in my city's localfactory. Not only sheer economics, but web-dev is kind of like a meta-skill. Web Development brings together design with various computer languages. The ideas of both are seemingly opposed; usually dichotomized by pseudo-intellectuals as the left/right brain. However, creativity and reason aren't at all opposed, and in my life programming and computer skills generallyhave always been an amazing instance of this.That's a completely separate can of worms though.

My plans for right now are just to keep going and creating. I don’t really care if I end up getting a job doing this or doing anything related to tech. As long as I can subsist and be creatively fulfilled. I plan to start a blog or something similar [I wrote this before I even began working on the LainSite