Beginning of the Lainsite


Progress with Course Work & Other Such


Last time I wrote, I didn’t have the Lainsite up. Now, I’m well into building it. A couple days ago, I didn’t have the blog section put together at all and now I’m on the verge of having the first post up! Well, okay, it is up right now, but Neocities still needs to update my profile. I also need to make the NavBar for the site and I need to work more on the looks of the blog section. However, aesthetics & ux are secondary to actually getting the content up. Plus, this means that I can continue to tweak the material as I learn more.

While I didn’t really write any blog material in the past two days; I continued to work dilligently. I knocked through about ¼ of Free Code Camp’s CSS course and made a couple purchases on Udemy. I bought the “Web Dev Bootcamp” and “Advanced Web Dev Bootcamp”. This choice might seem kind of odd, but the material was only ~20 dollars, there’s many hours of video with a good bit of projects and a little community built around the course. By community, I mean a Q&A section with scores of answered questions. I’m already to section four, “Intermediate HTML” of the Web Dev Bootcamp course. For me, so far the material is mostly review, but the course has a bit more depth to it compared with FCC or a random Youtube lecture. For instance, I learned you can nest HTML lists, which iirc wasn’t mentioned in FCC’s course. The course also informed the viewer to use Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) which I wasn’t at all aware of. MDN is MILES, MILES, FUCKING, MILES better than the site W3Schools. The amount of documentation on MDN is wild! I’m really happy to now have this at my disposal.

So, since I last wrote a blog post, I’ve only been editing the Lainsite. Which is up to ~170 views!Presently, what’s been frustrating me is that I’m not far enough into the tutorials I’m taking to get into Bootstrap or responsive design in general. The Lainsite on mobile is pretty jenk without it, and I get sad on resolutions that aren’t my monitor’s size. I could just skip to the Bootstrap section of FCC or the Udemy course, however it’s not that far into either course, and I don’t want to spread myself too thin. Plus, I remember, when I last did webdev stuff Bootstrap took no time to implement on a site. Regardless, I’m very hyped to get FriendsOfLain into an actually decent website. I’m even more excited to be able to build sites that are fun to use like Mebious.Neocities.Org or Zalost Neocities.Org. However, my current static page is still looking fairly clean.


It’s been a few days and the site is up to 300 views. These past few days I’ve just been cruising through course work and hanging with friends. Recently, it was my friends bday and he’s now building a computer for music production. I’ve been playing off making drastic updates to my Neocities website, but I have been making minor tweaks and checking out other sites. As of today I am ½ done with Free Code Camp’s CSS basics section & onto module 5 of The Webdev Bootcamp on Udemy. I’ve worked on a few small projects to learn more.

Out of boredom, I’ve been watching a lot of web development blogs, and smaller videos about design. Similarly, I’ve been reading a lot articles. My goals right now are to build more pages for the friendsoflain Neocity site, perhaps overhaul the look of the site, or actually build a NavBar. If I do make a navigation bar, I’ll put it above the title of the page. Other than webdev stuff, I’ve been making steady progress with making music and writing essays. Tomorrow, I’ll be working on getting my resume to places and some healthcare shit done.

If anyone reading this would like to send me links about designing websites, or give me some tips on this one. I’d love it! I hope you have a good week!