Break and Site Updates



It’s been a long while since I’ve written a blog post. I know in the previous post I was gonna make a big push, and I sorta dropped the ball. I’m not really disappointed though. I got done with FreeCodeCamp’s Applied Visual Design and the Udemy Advanced CSS. Then I took a long break from web design. Prior to writing, the last updates on the lainsite was two weeks ago, but I just pushed six massive updates to the site. I’ve significantly updated my codebase, and completely changed the way I’ve been writing HTML. Below is a picture of the change in style. Nearly all my code has been cleaned up like this. I’ve also almost completed my portfolio page, and I’ve fixed many bugs.

HTML code more HTML code
Some bugs I fixed were the gradient cutting off before the footer, the second blog post’s h2 tag having two underlines. The first was that my wrapper (Which is new in the last few updates), didn’t have a high enough max-height. Now there’s an issue where the footer is hovering off the bottom of the page. I think this is just because the footer has a margin-bottom. The footer itself just looks weird, and I’m gonna get onto making it not look so off. I fixed the code for the body paragraphs on the index.html page. They had to have margins deleted due to the wrapper and also to fix the floating on them. The body3 BLE was floating left but was on the right side still, but when the wrapper was added it messed everything up. Easy fix though.

What have I been doing these past two weeks? Aside from kicking it with friends, I’ve been studying lots of the social sciences and learning to make music. I’ve been reading a few books, and got a lot of that sort of studying done. I’ve also written a significant amount of poetry, and some of my most inspired work. What finally brought me back to studying web design is that a friend stayed the night for five days, and we began writing the code for a forum. While he was here I switched from Notepad++ to Atom, and we used Teletype to co-op write the site. Much of the site was written by him, but I provided a lot of inspiration, and gave many design ideas. We based the site on the look of Lainchan, but we’re going for a much different style and aesthetic. Below is a pic of that.

My friend also showed me a better way of writing my HTML, and gave a lot of practical advice about web design. He was also a good sounding board for Philosophy, Economics, and more of the hard sciences like Physics. He’s rather an adept when it comes to technology and making music and he will be a great asset in learning this. Otherwise, he’s chill to be around.

Aside from this, my friend who’s away at uni, is looking into the LAMP stack to host this forum. I’ve used it before on a previous project, but that was a couple years ago. I know it’s not hard, but we need to get an actual server box up.

It’s been over a month of web design. I took a long break from it, but my first two and halfish weeks were filled with a lot of vigor and thus I needed the break. Now, I’m going to be able to put a lot more time into this and get back to studying.

My present goals are to keep updating the forum, get the Lainsite on github, and get through Applied Accessibility. These three tasks will be really easy, I just have to keep up with it.


I’ve been pushing lots of updates on the Lainsite, and have got the site onto Github. I added a lot to the Navbar and added a few new pages since last writing. I added poetry and bio pages and new sections to the index of the Lainsite. With a Changelog and a To-Do list. I haven’t been studying the FCC or Udemy course, but have been reading articles and MDN when not coding. There isn’t much to say other than I’ve been approaching filling out job applications and that I plan going forward to pick up web development courses.